Formulae sheets

These formulae sheets are taken from my degree. It’s not all of them and the earlier ones are still a bit rough. I wrote them as I progressed through the classes and still use them as references. This was a drag and drop into this web folder as I had these pdf’s in one place. I’ll put the latest versions of the .docx and .odf files up at some stage. Again, no where near as perfect as I want them to be, but better than nothing.

For the person looking at this site to learn the basics, these sheets are overwhelming. To learn through this web interface on your smart phone I’d suggest choosing something you want to build and following the objective based learning steps. Because you probably don’t have access to lecturers whom can guide you down a pathway, this site will hopefully be the next best thing.

I had the lecturers there to speak to and in the beginning I’d still spend 12 hours straight on one question trying to figure it out. I had to set a rule in place saying: When stuck on an equation, start a countdown timer. At 30 minutes, if not progressing, add the question to the ‘Ask my lecturer’ list and move on.

I started to go grey and get chest pains stressing about whether I’d pass. Not good for a 32 year old. At some stage I said ‘Oh well, I can only do my best and that’s all I can do.’ The grey hairs disappeared and the chest pains stopped. I chose to enjoy studying and make rules like the one above.

For the person studying these subjects. These sheets will only marginally help you through the course. If you really want them to help you, adopt the layout (which most do not) and write them out yourself. Your brain will remember where you placed them in the maze and they’ll be much faster for you.

Formulae sheets