Earths max population

I did this calc years ago.



The results of the above files are:

maximum holding capacity for the earth = 18.5 billion

Reached by about the year 2100.

It worked out that each person needs 1130sqm (about 1/4 acre) of arable land to sustainably grow their potatoes

This was calculated saying that:

  1. 13.31% of the earths surface is naturally arable.
  2. Based on my body using 195k KJ of food per week. (based on my personal intake when I am totally maxed out exercising and trying to increase sporting performance. I eat about 3 times the average adult male when training, but I expend 3 times the energy as well.)
  3. It did not include water, housing, clothing, transport, energy used in cooking.
  4. Based only on potato crops as they are amongst this simplest to grow. Therefore no protein, fat, mineral or vitamin considerations.

Other studies I came across, but did not rigorously verify said about 10billion by 2050ish.