1. Build VTOL winged delivery drone for volume of 2 pizza boxes (400 * 400 * 100mm). Payload mass 4kg. Range 8km. Opensource parts and code. - Offering 25,000 shares in 7rocks pty ltd + a share payment for materials used. Current estimated material budget - Approx $5k to $8k AUD.
  2. Install DroneBridge on the VTOL winged delivery drone in project 1. - Offerning 1000 shares.
  3. Create SkyPlatform - hovering at < 200m altitude with enough landing space for the VTOL winged drone in project 1. - Offering 25,000 shares.
  4. Redesign our job manager ToDoListQ. Either finding a prexisting opensource project we can run on our Linux servers.
  5. Some of the features include
    1. Cascaded job management in a grid system.
    2. AJAX style functionality
    3. Reminders and alarms which also have audiable notifications on smartphones.
    4. LDAP with the ability to connect selected users to the Linux authenticaion system.
    And so on. Individual tasks will be allocated payments in shares.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute.