Shares are currently available in 7rocks Pty Ltd. 7rocks is a private Australian startup company. We are currently looking to sell shares to raise capital for our first automated delivery drone. The first delivery drone will be small. It's cargo will be the volume of 2 stacked pizza boxes with a maximum cargo weight of 1.5kg. Then we will build for more mass and volume in subsequent models.

Shares will be issued at $AUD0.20 per share with a minimum bundle size of 500 shares.

Alternately, check our job list. If there are any sections you can complete to specification then we are happy to pay in shares. Once funding appears, we could pay in money at standard rates. Please contact us for more detials.

If you've already a project which fits our spec, then we can pay in shares for parts, as well as design and construction. Please note that we are looking for opensource solutions and opensource hardware as much as possible. We would like to spend our time and brain power designing the next ground breaking thing, rather than protecting what should belong to humans as a whole. If there is competition, then we can see how they morph our base designs.

Please contact us to get in on the ground floor of this future growing trend in the world of freight and shipping.