Windows 7 & Adafruit Simcom 5320E 3G modem for the Optus / Vodafone Amaysim network – Australia

The drivers for Win 7 were already there, so I thought let’s just test that first and see if I can get a ppp tethered connection through the USB/serial connection. (There appears to be Linux drivers and Mac OSX driver are not available at this stage)

It took a bit more messing around than I thought, but it worked.

My SIM card is an normal Amaysim 3G / 4G LTE chip you’d stick in any Australian smart phone.

  1. Install Windows 7. The example here is on a VM using Parallels.
  2. Connect the Adafruit Fona via the USB cable, insert the SIM, plug in the UFL 3G antenna and the 3.7v battery.
  3. If your computer doesn’t see the USB connection, you may have to press the power button.
  4. Install the Windows 7 drivers from the Adafruit site
    1. Driver install tutorial here
    2. Simcom 5320 USB drivers
  5. Download Putty
  6. Right click start –> Open windows explorer –> Right click ‘Computer’ –> Click Manage.
  7. Under ‘Device Manager’ you’ll see the COM ports under ‘Modem’ and ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’.
  8. Right click on ‘SimTech HS-USB Modem 9000’ –> Properties –> Under the ‘Modems’ tab and you’ll see the COM port
  9. .
  10. Open Putty –> Enter the modem COM port and Speed (115200 will do)
  11. .
  12. Open a terminal and type
    So you can see what you’re typing.
  13. We need to set the APN from within the modem using terminal as windows doesn’t allow it. I am using Amaysim Australia. A quick check of my GoogleBrain for Amaysims APN says it’s”yesinternet”
  14. AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”yesinternet”,””,0,0
  15. To check your settings type
  16. Close the terminal window.
  17. Right click start –> Windows Explorer –> Right click network –> Properties –> Setup a new connection or network –> Yes, I’ll chose an existing connection –> Chose the SimTech HS-USB Modem –> Properties –> Under the ‘Security ‘ tab select CHAP authentication (for Amaysim) –> No Username or Password –> Dial *99# –>

  18. Open a web browser and away you go. Remember it’s Windows so you’ll need an Antivirus system as per usual.

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